Drying cupboard
GT Boat 10 TS

Closed drying system for 10 pairs of shoes or boots

The GT Boot 10 TS drying cabinet is the perfect solution for anyone who needs shoes or boots to dry quickly and reliably. Thanks to the innovative Air recirculation drying and the Gladek O3 Hygienic Solution, shoes and boots are dry, odour-free and ready for use again in no time.

The high-quality fan integrated in the body ensures energy-efficient drying that is gentle on the material.

The timers are freely and easily adjustable, choose between a 6h timer or a programmable 24h day timer.

Set up and plug in - simple commissioning and operation.



Drying cupboard
GT Boat 10 TS

The GT Boot 10 TS drying cabinet is an excellent cabinet solution for professional drying of shoes or boots. Thanks to the recirculating air drying Air and Gladek O3 Hygienic Solution, the equipment is dry, odour-free and reusable within a short time.

Additional information


Work and utility footwear, sports & leisure, ski boots

Drying process

Recirculating air drying Air



Germ and odour reduction

Gladek O3 Hygienic Solution


Daytime timer 24 h, time switch 6 h

Locking system

Turnbuckle lock


Body 9006 white aluminium

H x W x D mm

2110 x 600 x 500

Weight kg


Noise emission

< 65 dB (A)

Power consumption

0.7 kW

System type



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