Drying systems for innovative companies

Drying cabinets, lockers with drying function and open drying systems are the ideal solution for innovative companies and municipal facilities. Our drying systems are used daily by many satisfied customers throughout Europe. Our core markets are Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Norway. With our Drying solutions you can ensure that your Professional and operational equipment is always clean and dry, which Increases the motivation and productivity of your employees.

Our open Drying systems and drying cabinets are specially designed for the material-friendly drying of Work clothes such as shoes, boots, Gloves, Jackets, trousers, protective suits, overalls and helmets develops. They are easy to operate and have intuitive time control.

Our Drying systems are particularly space-saving and are also suitable perfect for smaller Premises. You are robust and durable and are suitable for daily use in industrial environments developed and produced.

Drying process

Drying solutions from Gladek Technik

Invest you now in our professional Drying systems for professional and operational equipment and secure the advantages of material-friendly and energy-efficient drying. Contact us for further information and Offers.