Drying cabinets for clothing & shoes

Professional drying solutions for shoes, gloves, clothing and emergency equipment from Gladek Technik are used worldwide and set new standards in this segment. Benefit from the company that has been shaping and perfecting industrial drying and hygiene technology for decades.

Why should drying cabinets be used in occupational safety?

People protect themselves against moisture and wetness in all situations. Umbrellas, rainwear and water-repellent shoes are naturally part of the equipment. Dry work shoes and dry clothing/equipment ensure a feel-good effect, employee motivation is increased and sickness-related absences can be reduced. Furthermore, both the shoes and the clothing/equipment are protected during drying and their service life is extended accordingly.

Why should workwear be dried?

Wet, damp clothing draws heat from the body, which can cause discomfort and hypothermia. This condition reduces the performance of employees and can lead to sickness-related absences. Our drying systems are gentle on materials and extend the service life of clothing.

Why should work shoes be dried?

Moisture in shoes is not good:

  • Blood circulation in the feet is poorer, resulting in cold feet
  • Damp footwear is a wonderful breeding ground for fungi and germs. Fungi feel at home and multiply unchecked. This leads to diseases or triggers diseases that are already in the organism.
  • The different shoe materials become brittle and hard, causing the sensitive skin of the foot to suffer.

What are the economic aspects in favour of drying systems?

  • Motivated, more productive employees
  • Possible reduction in sickness-related absences due to damp shoes/clothing
  • Protection of workwear and shoes
  • Energy-efficient use with timer function
  • Simple maintenance and servicing of the devices

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