Drying solutions
for sport and leisure.

Gladek Technik's Sport and Leisure product category offers a wide range of innovative drying solutions for sports and leisure equipment.

When it comes to drying damp shoes, gloves or clothes quickly and efficiently, Gladek Technik has the perfect solution.

The shoe dryers, glove dryers and drying cabinets are easy to operate and ensure fast drying. The innovative technology guarantees material-friendly, reliable drying and our Gladek O3 Hygienic Solution removes unpleasant odours.

Our drying systems - whether open drying systems (shoe dryer, glove dryer etc.) or our drying cabinets (drying cabinet for shoes, drying cabinet for gloves etc.) - we always have the optimal solution for your requirements.

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Invest now in lockers with drying function and secure the benefits of clean, dry and ready-to-use workwear and protective equipment for your employees. Contact us for more information and quotes. We also offer customised solutions for your specific requirements.