Gladek Technik's drying and hygiene solutions set new standards and have been delighting customers in a wide range of industries for decades.

Condensation drying Eco

Condensation drying is an energy-efficient and economical drying method that can also be used at lower room temperatures.

Through the condensation process, the condensate is collected in a container or recycled via an existing waste water system.

The product range of this line includes drying cupboards and lockers.

Recirculating air drying Air

The high-quality blower, combined with heated drying air, ensures energy-saving, material-friendly drying of the equipment. The product range of this line includes shoe dryers, boot dryers, helmet dryers and mask dryers.

Gladek O3 Hygienic Solution

An important claim of our drying systems is to free workwear and operational equipment from microorganisms such as germs and bacteria as well as from unpleasant odours. Our Gladek O3 Hygienic Solution works with the effect of ozone. A UV-C lamp inside takes over the role of the sun in nature, whereby the so-called active oxygen O3 is generated. Due to the third oxygen atom, this is extremely reactive, combines with odour molecules and pathogens and renders them harmless. After the reaction has taken place, it decomposes into pure oxygen by itself after a short time. Without filters, without chemicals: environmentally friendly, sustainable, inspired by nature and harmless to humans and animals.